1. When I try to install 'MyDocApp', it's asking me to enter Doctor's Office Code. Where can I get one ?
Please contact your doctor's office for the code. All the doctor offices that supports 'MyDocApp' will be provided with an unique code. There is a test doctor office code(MKSHNN) and the mobile number (999) 999-9999 that can be used to try out the app. You can try out creating a new appointment, view current and past appointments and confirm appointments etc.
2. I don't find any patients listed under 'Manage Patients' screen ? How can I get my name or my kids names listed under 'Manage Patients' ?
'MyDocApp' will ask for your mobile number when you access the app for the first time. All the patients associated with this mobile number will be shown under 'My Patients' screen. If you don't see any patients listed, it is possible that you do not have your mobile number associated with your patients. Please contact your doctor's office to update your mobile number information
4. Do I get any notifications or reminders about my upcoming appointments ?
There are several notification settings that the user can switch on or off under the 'Settings' section in the app menu. When a '1 Hr Notification' setting is on, the app will remind the user with a notification an hour prior to the appointment.
5. My appointment was created by the front desk personnel at my doctor's office. Do I still get notifications or reminders from the app ?
Yes, once your doctor's office supports 'MyDocApp', appointment creation from all the sources(e.g. phone, app and at doctor's office) will be in synchronization. You still will be able to get notifications or reminders about the appointment, be able to view newly created appointment under 'My Appointments' section in the app. Cancel or reschedule the newly created appointment from the app etc.
6. When I try to book an appointment, appointments are not available on certain days of the week. Any specific reason for that ?
Appointment availability is based on the location. If you notice that appointments are consistently unavailable on certain days of the week, it's possible that the doctor is not available at the given location during those days. Please try choosing a different location.
7. When I rate and write a review about my doctor, will my doctor be able to see my review and know that I have written ?
Your doctor will be able to see the rating and review comments submitted by users. However, your doctor will not know who has written the review comments.
8. What is the address information that is displayed on the 'Home' screen of the app ?
Generally it is your doctor's office location that is provided by your doctor during the registration process. If the doctor's facility has multiple locations, and when you have an active appointment, then it is your appointment location that is going to be displayed else it is going to be address provided during the registration.
9. What are the key features that are provided by 'MyDocApp' ? any additional features in the future ?
'MyDocApp' provides you the ability to book a new appointment, reschedule or cancel an active appointment, view current and past appointments and get notifications about your appointments etc. The team at 'MyDocApp' are working on getting additional features such as pay any balance amounts/copay from with in the app and also be able to communicate with the doctor's office through notification messages etc.

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